1. Sustainability Report

    2020 Highlights



     - 19% Average frequency of injuries compared with the previous year




    62 Average hours of training per employee




    95% of employees hired on permanent contracts




    555 mln euro distributed to stakeholders




    92% of the order backlog in projects that contribute to the advancement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)




    54 MJ - energy consumption per hour worked (-18% vs 2019)




    5kgCO2eq per hour worked | Carbon footprint (-20% vs 2019)




    90,2 GWh produced by photovoltaic | +4% vs 2019




    73% Reused or recycled waste | +19% of total vs 2019




    87 L - water consumption per hour worked |  -10% vs 2019






  2. Letter to Stakeholders

    "Our road ahead is paved with good intentions, we just have to make them happen." | Enrico Ghella Chairman and CEO

    We are living in a complicated era characterised by stimulating challenges. We have been catapulted into a global pandemic that has reshaped our daily lives and affected our physical and mental wellbeing. This upheaval and its unquantifiable losses have undoubtedly encouraged us to embrace issues such as sustainability, inclusion and the importance of our local communities.

    2020 was an important year for Ghella f rom a sustainability viewpoint. Our workers’ safety continues to be a priority. We recorded a 19% reduction in the injury rate and a 20% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions due to energy consumption. We produce solar power, contributing to the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

    By investing in countries that prioritise ESG issues, we enrich our expertise, sharing technologies and know-how to the benefit of our clients all around the world. Tunnels are fundamental infrastructure for the future of mobility and low-environmental impact services.

    Projects that contribute to progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals make up 92% of our order backlog.

    We have increased our sustainable mobility projects from 62% of our order backlog in 2019 to 68% thanks to the acquisition of works such as the Broadway Subway in Vancouver, Canada, and the Telese - Vitulano lot of the high speed Naples - Bari railway section. This is in line with the EU post pandemic development plans hinging on sustainable infrastructure as the driver of the economic relaunch.

    This is our second Sustainability Report and our positive results encourage us to continue in this direction, matching our ambitions and future actions to our stakeholders’ expectations in an ongoing process of virtuous improvement.

    Our road ahead is paved with good intentions, we just have to make them happen.


    Enrico Ghella

    Chairman and CEO

  3. Our Sustainability Journey

    Our sustainability journey starts with our vision of the future

    Our sustainability journey starts with our vision of the future that we want to build by sharing our business choices: a better world for the next generations. We are aware that achievement of this vision is only possible through the collaboration of multiple players: governments, organisations , companies and civil society. This is why we base our daily activities on our corporate mission, aimed at preserving and continuing our history as “constructors of excellence” pursuing innovation and sustainability, and our clear set of values which guide our behaviour. Our vision and mission both encompass sustainability because our intention is to integrate its principles in all facets of our business: f rom selecting targeted projects to the way we carry out our works, in corporate as well as site processes.

  4. Stakeholder Engagement

    Leave a better world to future generations

    We are aware that our Vision to “Leave a better world to future generations” can be achieved only through the involvement of our stakeholders in our sustainability journey. For this reason, the topics covered in our Sustainability Reports have been chosen using a consultation process aimed at aligning our sustainability strategy with the priorities of our stakeholders and at undertaking potential corrective actions.

  5. Ethics and Integrity

    Integrity, fairness and transparency are part of our company DNA

    Integrity, fairness and transparency are part of our company DNA. We commit to operate in line with the best international standards at all levels of our organization. We equipped ourselves with a Compliance Programme aimed at offering a system of rules and behaviours concerning human rights, anti-corruption and whistleblowing in line with our values, commitments, and ethical and social responsibility within company activities.

  6. People

    We believe in our people and we value them.

    We believe in our people and we value them. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for individual development and to protecting the rights and needs of our employees. We are constantly working to ensure the best occupational health and safety standards for our employees and the subcontractors working on our worksites. We monitor our supply chain to ensure that human rights principles are respected, and suitable working conditions are guaranteed. We favour the creation of an optimal work environment to achieve excellent results. Our focus on social inclusiveness is not limited to the group companies: we listen to the expectations of the local communities that will benefit from the public works we help to create. We are committed to leaving a positive legacy with our projects and to protecting and promoting the well-being, human capital and environmental, historical and cultural heritage of the territories where we work.

  7. Our value chain is at the centre of a virtuous circle in which essential resources, such as personnel, raw materials or supplies contribute to the creation of shared value10, for the company and society through our processes. Hence, the creation of economic value for the company becomes a driver for social well-being through the construction of durable infrastructures, the promotion of sustainable mobility, as well as the training of personnel and the positive impacts that we can indirectly generate for the social and environmental performance of our supply chain.

  8. Environment

    We operate according to high sustainability standards

    We operate according to high sustainability standards with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint associated with the construction phase as much as possible, while preserving the richness of the local ecosystems and becoming active players in the global challenge to mitigate climate change. We are aware that the materials and natural resources we use in our production activities, like water and materials, are not unlimited and are of great value. We are committed to reducing waste production and optimizing its management.

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