"FUTURA, the Art of Sustainability"

FUTURA Expo is the largest Italian expo for businesses and individuals encountering the theme of Sustainability.

Art has always been the aesthetic expression of human interiority and spirit, reflecting the feelings, thoughts, fears, and hopes of its historical period. In the year of Bergamo - Brescia as the Italian Capital of Culture, FUTURA entrusted some artists with the task of spreading sustainability through their works.

During the EXPO, Ghella supported the "Vittoria Alata-RiciclART" project by donating the crushed excavation material from the Brenner construction site. This project involved the creation of a 5-meter-high statue designed and conceived by Isinnova, entirely made from recycled materials. The artwork is divided into blocks, each made by materials obtained from selected companies that prioritize environmental restoration, strenghtening their commitment to the environment.

The project entails the creation of the "Vittoria Alata," a unique sculpture placed on Corso Zanardelli in Brescia. The artwork will then be transferred to the FUTURA EXPO 2023 and remain on display inside a city palace gallery. "Vittoria Alata" symbolizes the triumph of sustainability and progress, transforming waste into art.

The project's objective is to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and inspire positive change in daily habits. Isinnova chose the "Vittoria Alata" as a historic symbol of Brescia, stating, "We don't want to forget our past but revisit it in a modern context to demonstrate that recycling and art can go hand in hand to create a better future for the environment and future generations. The sculpture becomes a tangible symbol of our commitment to a sustainable future."