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For those of us who have been dedicated to pursuing maximum quality in all aspects of our business from the very beginning, sustainability is an inherent objective.

True excellence cannot be achieved if we disregard the environmental impact and social implications of our business decisions.

We strongly believe in our ethical responsibility regarding the social implications of our actions. It is this belief that has consistently driven us to strive for a better world for future generations through our work.

To transform this vision into reality and maintain our commitment to excellence, we have developed a business model that integrates sustainability principles. Our goal is to generate shared wealth for the communities in which we operate, starting from the selection of projects and extending to the techniques we employ to complete them.

In pursuit of this objective, we have created a comprehensive Sustainability Plan that clearly outlines our commitments, including ethical, social, and environmental objectives. This Plan also details the specific actions we are undertaking to refine and enhance our sustainability model.

Our Sustainability Report serves as a transparent and detailed account of the progress we have made in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It is designed to provide our clients, employees, suppliers, and local communities with comprehensive information about the results we have achieved.

By utilizing this Report as a tool, stakeholders can assess and measure our progress year after year, allowing for a transparent evaluation of our commitment to sustainability.


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