Our Way

Being commercially successful and operating responsibly is how we deliver on our Mission, to build excellence in a sustainable and innovative way.

Our Vision is to ‘Leave a better World to the next generations' and we set out to achieve this goal by defining a set of commitments across three focus areas: People, Value and Environment.


Contribute to a fair and inclusive society by operating at the highest standards of Integrity and guaranteeing the Safety and Wellbeing of all our stakeholders, including the Communities who benefit from the infrastructure we help to create.


Contribute to the economic growth of the areas where we operate by generating Value and creating opportunities, thanks to the high levels of Quality and Innovation that we bring into our projects.


Strive to integrate our built projects in the existing local Ecosystems and to be active participants in the global efforts to mitigate Climate Change.

1. To consolidate a compliance and sustainability Governance at the corporate level

1.1 Guarantee the integration of Sustainability principles in business processes and in Company Management Systems


1.2 Develop awareness / training programs to create a Sustainability culture


1.3 Report and communicate the company Sustainability and Compliance performance in a certified Sustainability Report

2. Promote the development of Human capital and people Well-being

2.1 Provide soft and transferable skills development opportunities

2.2 Introduce measures to facilitate employee work-life balance

2.3 Introducing a 'Healthy Living' program to promote healthy lifestyles among employees

2.4 Introduce measures for the prevention and support of Mental Health issues

2.5 Strengthen measures to reduce the ‘Gender Gap’

3. Ensure continuous improvement of occupational Health and Safety performance

3.1 Guarantee the continuous improvement of the Safety Management System

3.2 Promote a safety culture through training programs, awareness raising and worker participation initiatives

3.3 Promote the adoption of proactive indicators in the monitoring of safety performance

4. To reduce local Environmental Impacts

4.1 Guarantee the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System

4.2 Introduce a ‘mobility management’ program for the headquarters staff

4.3 Guarantee the protection of local ecosystems and biodiversity in our worksites

5. To Increase Energy Efficiency and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

5.1 Evaluate, certify and progressively reduce the company Carbon Footprint

5.2 Introduce energy efficiency initiatives across the life cycle of our projects

5.3 Where possible, produce and/or purchase energy from renewable sources

6. To Promote a Sustainable Supply Chain and the efficient use of resources

6.1 Improve the Sustainable Procurement process by strengthening its environmental and social criteria

6.2 Promote the efficient use of resources

6.3 Promote dematerialisation and reduce the consumption of office paper

7. Encourage Local Development and dialogue with Communities

7.1 Quantify the economic-social-environmental externalities generated by our projects

7.2 Promote social inclusion and training / education initiatives contributing to the growth of local communities

7.3 Guarantee the inclusion of local resources in our worksite staff and of local suppliers / subcontractors in our supply chain

8. Promote Excellence and Innovation in our reference market

8.1 Introduce measures to collect client / partner satisfaction indicators

8.2 Incentivise the internal development of innovative technical solutions and promote external collaborations with research institutions

8.3 Promote eco-design criteria and sustainability best practices across the entire life cycle of our projects

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People & Communities
Ethics & Compliance