Sustainable Mobility in Ghella

Creating a new and more sustainable mobility has never been more necessary. The transition will take time, that’s why the private sector must be an active stakeholder.
In 2016 road transport has contributed to nearly 21% of EU's total emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) (source: The European Commission).
In Ghella we believe in a mobility which is compatible with human and environmental health. Since 2017, we transformed our Company Headquarters' fleet introducing 34 hybrid cars and 2 electric vehicles.
Thanks to this choice we’ve reduced emissions of CO2 by 119 tons: equivalent to a diesel car driving around Planet Earth 14.5 times!
Everyone in Ghella can park their own bike in the garage; as for electrical bikes and cars, charging stations are at disposal.
We are working hard together to make our future better.
Are you ready to be a game-changer?