Ghella pledges with Operation Smile to increase access to surgical care in Cariri

In line with its social commitments, Ghella confirms itself as a guarantor of responsible acts towards others by supporting Operation Smile.

In 2017*, there were more than 7 million people living with schisis in low- and middle-income countries.

Since 1997, Operation Smile has carried out 82 medical missions in 12 cities in Brazil, changing the lives of more than 5,800 patients and earning the trust of local communities by partnering with the area hospitals.

The activity primarily supports rural areas such as Cariri, in the northeastern region, where residents do not have adequate access to schisis treatments, available in the country's southern metropolitan cities, where there are more plastic surgery specialists.

Our support is aimed at providing multidisciplinary assistance to 90 patients and providing at least 50 surgeries. Improving the accessibility of surgical treatments and widening educational opportunities for physicians and volunteers on site are essential elements of a practical and decisive approach to guarantee a complete rehabilitation of patients.

Press Release